Bach Flower Toronto

Services and Fees


Consultations are offered to all individuals, from infants to the elderly and are also available for companion animals. Consultations can be conducted in-person, or by phone, email, skype, gmail chat or facetime. The first session is one hour in length and follow-up sessions can be either one hour or a half hour in length depending on the needs of the client. 
During a consultation the client will discuss how they are feeling and will be invited to share current and past situations that they have found stressful and/or emotionally charged. Specific Bach Flower remedies will be suggested and the reasons they were chosen will be reviewed. Once there is agreement on 4-6 remedies a customized treatment bottle will be provided to the client. This customized treatment bottle will last approximately 2 weeks. At that time there can either be another full session, or a half hour check in to determine if another treatment bottle is required and if any changes to the remedies included will be made.
Customized Bach Flower Remedy Treatment Bottles
At the end of a consultation a customized Bach Flower Remedy treatment bottle is provided to the client. The treatment bottle is a 30ml dropper bottle that contains the 4-6 selected remedies.
Customized Bach Flower Remedy treatment bottles are also available without a consultation. Please contact Louise for more information.

Initial phone call/email - Free
1 hour Consultation* - $80
1/2 hour Consultation* - $40
Customized treatment bottle - $10

Customized treatment bottles can be mailed to locations outside of Toronto. Cost of packaging and shipping are in addition to the cost of the treatment bottle.

*Consultation fee includes the cost of one treatment bottle.